Bite The Ballot invited designers, artists and illustrators to contribute designs for a campaign to encourage people to register to vote for the 2017 General Election. Each design needed to feature the phrase 'Turn Up' and be submitted both as an A3 poster and a square ready for social media posts. The designs were placed on a Google drive, with users encouraged to use them to spread the word on social media in the run up to the voter registration deadline and polling day. 

I decided to use the visual hook of the 'x' in a box on the ballot paper, setting them in different colours, with some only just making their mark. The black background made the design stand out as a much more contemporary design, and made for a more eye catching Instagram post.

On the day of the election, the Guardian featured an Instagram post of my work by MakeYourWordsWork an article on their website 'June is the month of May or Jez We Can: the best election artwork'. This was a fantastic, if quite surreal surprise.